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VOTE Mariya Calkins Trusted Conservative  For Florida House, District3

About Mariya Calkins

Mariya Calkins was born in the country where freedom and personal liberties were taken away from people by the evil works of communism. She was born in the USSR. That is why Mariya understands from her life experience what it means to be controlled and mandated. In 2018 Mariya became a US citizen. She had experience working in the Florida Legislature on the most conservative bills. She believes in protecting and defending Constitutional rights as the only way to secure our freedoms. That is why she decided to run as Conservative Republican for Florida State house.

Mariya Calkins is 100% PRO LIFE

Mariya believes that all lives matter! In her experience working in the State Legislature she advocated for the most Pro Life bill that has ever been introduced in Florida, the Heartbeat bill.

Mariya is 100% PRO GUN RIGHTS

From her life experience, Mariya knows that the 2nd Amendment right is a fundamental core of Freedom!

Mariya believes in SCHOOL CHOICE

Being born in the USSR, Mariya knows firsthand about propaganda and the way it could affect education. That is why she believes that all parents should have a right to choose the education that is proper for their children.

Mariya has been endorsed by:

Congressman Matt Gaetz
Santa Rosa County Commission Chair Bob Cole
Milton City Councilwoman Shannon Rice
Milton City Councilwoman Shari Sebastiao
State Representative Anthony Sabatini
State Representative Tommy Gregory
Escambia County Commission Chair Jeff Bergosh
Milton City Councilwoman Roxanne Meiss
Milton City Councilman Jeff Snow
Crestview Mayor J.B. Whitten
Dr. William Lile, the “Pro Life Doc” based in Pensacola who raises awareness around the country to protect and highlight the importance of unborn children. —

Contact us:
6223 HWY 90 Box 226 Milton, FL 32570

+1 (850) 380-6273